Updating garmin nuvi 260w

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You won't be able get fuel for that powerkero-fired GPSMAP276C too much longer anyway [lol, maybe convert it to Jet-A avtur?

] but for offroad and marine use it's still viable.

(For some reason, when I attempted to select that option in Garmin Express, the drop-down list would not give me any region to select.) Previously, I was able to get Canada and the US installed between both the Nuvi and SD card. Better then nothing, but it would be nice if the Garmin software would be more informative concerning whether you are exceeding the map size limit. That is why I suggested that the folks who want the large JCV file call (not email) and complain on EVERY map update.

is that Garmin did not intend to open up 2018.20 to Map Updater, but after numerous complaints on their support line from customers with XP and older devices ... Oh man..I just gave in and actually ordered that refurbed Garmin 3597 from GPS Store yesterday that you fellers have been telling me about, largely because I thought I wouldn't be able to update the maps on my 276C anymore!

Indeed it's salable and good ones bring surprising prices, check ebay.

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So far, for long time i can't see anyone to publish link to newest Map Updater, so it makes me think, that Garmin finally killed this software. I downloaded Garmin Express and used it to load map 2018.20, but my device is still showing the previous map along with 2018.20. I saw no indication where I could choose to remove the old 2018.10 map nor choose just the Lower U. Map Install isn't seeing the new maps to download to the 376C.

The only thing that confuses me is that I now have [previously downloaded] 2018-10 Lower U. Then I would use the map selection tool on Map Source to transfer the maps I wanted - as many as could fit on my Garmin 512Mg memory card - to my 276C.

Thanks to drewjb7 for letting us know that your previous report was inaccurate.

Map Install isn't seeing the new maps to download to the 376C.

It took my poor addled brain a while to figure out I was reloading old maps, not new ones.

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